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PurpleSoft Mobile ERP

Powered by HansaWorld ~ Priced for your SMB

WHAT IS PurpleSoft ERP?

PurpleSoft ERP – is the small business edition (1-50 users) of Standard ERP (1-1000 users) powered by HansaWorld.  With 45+ fully embedded (built-in), optional modules, offering a full suite of Planning, Financials, CRM, Product and Service Management, as well as a wide selection of industry verticals, PurpleSoft ERP meets the requirements of every department in your small or mid-sized business.  PurpleSoft ERP is available through its Partners.

PurpleSoft ERP 

  • One software platform – 45+ fully embedded modules
  • Cloud Anywhere
  • Mobility
  • Mixed/Multi Platform
  • Scalable

HansaWorld software – 30 Languages ~ 110+ Countries ~ 550,000+ Customers

PurpleSoft ERP powered by HansaWorld 

Powerful Mobile ERP software to manage your business from anywhere!

Join our growing network of Partners!

  • BEST Partner Commissions
  • BEST Partner Support
  • BEST Network of Partners!

Add another recurring revenue stream
Partner with  PurpleSoft ERP

You send us the referral, we do 100% of the work.  The Referral Partner Level offers an ideal way to earn commissions on
the sale of PurpleSoft ERP for the Partner who simply wishes to add to their product list by offering their customers an outstanding solution.

More details…

The Premium Partner Level is designed to meet the needs of
the Partner who sells direct – PSM, Professional Services
and on-going Support.  We do some of the work until you are ready to do more

More details…

The Premium Plus Partner Level is designed to meet the needs of
the Partner who sells direct – PSM, Professional Services,
ongoing Support, and Custom Configurations.  More details…

What Is PurpleSoft ERP?

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News @PurpleSoft ERP

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