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Ready to capture your share of the lucrative ERP recurring revenue business? Partner with PurpleSoft as together we roll-out the ERP foundation that drives your customers’ digital transformation.  ERP drives more managed services!  As we deploy PurpleSoft ERP you will uncover more sales opportunities to sell equipment and a host of managed services. The bottom line is recurring revenue for you.

Our Partner Program is super simple. We fit into your mold! We understand that ERP can be a complex vertical solution to market, sell and deploy.  No worries. We will help you as much as you need. 

Start by simply referring the end-user to us and we will do everything. When we close, you get your share of the recurring revenue just for the quick referral.  Becoming a Premium or Premium Plus Partner is as simple as a phone call.  Rest assured, we will always be there in the background to support you all the way. The more you do, the more revenues you make!

There is no reason why you need to let any customer go to your competitor for ERP.  How can we best assist YOU in closing that sale?  Remember, we are your ERP department, we do not compete with you in any way whatsoever, we only  sell ERP, through our Partners.  If you prefer, we can private-label everything so that we are 100% transparent to your customer.  

Can your MSP benefit from an ERP platform?  Here are some Partner Myths:

  • My MSP business already has an accounting software, we do not need a full ERP platform.
  • ERP is out of the reach of my MSP because it seems very complex.

An accounting software is NOT an ERP.  ERP is a comprehensive application that runs your entire business. We have already customized PurpleSoft for VARs, MSPs and ITSPs to run their business so you can be 100% in control of your entire business. Ask us for a demo and our special partner pricing to help you to benefit from PurpleSoft ERP to streamline your business in more ways than you may know. 

Experiencing firsthand exactly how PurpleSoft ERP can help you in your business,  makes it a lot easier to understand exactly how it will help all of your customers! 

Choose a Partner Level that best fits your Company

Lead Referral Partner
Earn Recurring Commissions from just a referral.  We do 100% of the work!
Premium Partner
Earn Bigger Forever Recurring Commissions.  We do some of the work!
Premium Plus Partner
Earn the most Forever Recurring Commissions.  You do most of the work!

Partner with us!  Let’s power  digital transformation  disruption to the SMB space with PurpleSoft ERP powered by HansaWorld

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