“Why is ERP the foundation of Digital Transformation?”  Learn more!  Meet us at ChannelNEXT 2.0 Central Niagara Falls, Ontario June 6-7 2018 

Digital Transformation is on your doorstep bringing a “wave” of emerging technologies, ERP is the tool that businesses must use to effectively and efficiently deploy these technologies.  Markets are changing
and vendors are seeking new revenues.  As the big ERP vendors look to the SMB space for new markets, they must consider the budgets of the SMB decision makers.  There is no time better than today to explore
ERP positioned and priced for the SMBs.

Attend our  work shop!  Our discussion will look at what Digital Transformation means for your business in today’s market and how you can prepare your business for the impact it will have on you.

Last year the ERP market was anticipated to grow to $29B USD by 2021, this year they have corrected this to $49.1B USD by 2020!  We will show you how easy it is to get yourself a piece of this revenue
using your currently deployed resources (that is, no additional cost to your organization).

Contact us for more details:  Partners@PurpleSoftERP.com  | 866-489-4398